Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Really Deep Thoughts Over Pizza by Wolfie and Luna

Tulip and Papa weren't home so it was just little ol' Luna, Wolfie and me eating pizza for dinner.  I splurged and got Gelsosomo's because of a $10 coupon.  What a treat!

Luna remarked, "You know what ... delicious stuff and fun to do stuff is expensive."

I feel like she has just learned one of life's most important lessons.  Oh yeah, I totally rock at this parenting thing.

Then Wolfie started talking about how some people say, "That's so 80's..."  and I have to admit here, I don't know what people Wolfie hangs out with who say that, but whatever.

He continued by recalling how I told him about my first video game system, the Atari, and since that was in the 80's it's been 30 years since video game systems have evolved from the Atari to the WiiU.  And then he said, "I can't believe how much the human world can advance in only 30 years."

For fun, we should make a technology time capsule dated 2015 and I should give this to Wolfie on his 39th birthday.  For Luna, we should put a price sticker on everything in the time capsule.

And in case you were wondering...we did save some pizza for Tulip and Papa.