Monday, May 27, 2013

on rainy days, we paint

What can I say about Tulip, other than she is the loveliest little flower in the garden. She's happy, and friendly, and has a great sense of humor and appreciation of life. She finds a way to enjoy every minute of every day. Happy birthday my lovely blooming beauty.

Today is her 6th birthday and among other things, she got 10 new bottles of paint.

Tulip's painting. Can you tell what 10 new colors she got?

Luna's painting. Mama, Luna and Tulip going for a walk and defending the world (pink and purple stuff) from a dragon (the blue guy at the top). Pretty typical day for us Saavedra girls.

Wolfie's painting. Ultrabot. Of course.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just read the first line

"Mama! You better get in here and wipe my butt before Papa does it!" Luna calls from the bathroom.

Yes, it's true.  My husband and I love our children sooooooo much that we knock each other over in the mad dash to the bathroom to be the one and only parent who gets the privilege of wiping butts.

At least, that must be what our children think.  It's pretty darn close to the truth, though.