Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sun and Green

It's been a rough week. Everyone in my family has been sick but is now much better except me; I've gotten worse.  Today I feel about 87% which is pretty good.  I contribute my turn for the better to positive mental attitude and sun.  There is no denying it - the sunshine makes me feel great.

We have been having some be-a-u-tiful weather this week.  My awesome nieces Rachel and Alyssa came over Tuesday and we went to Butterfly Park and then Valpo Velvet.  Oh yeah, PMA, sunshine and ice cream makes me feel great.

Today was also a beautiful day.  I set up the slip and slide for the kids and heard my husband say, "Take it easy..."  Well I certainly wasn't going to fling myself around on that slip and slide.  I was just going to sit in the green grass and be still.  But my husband knows me too well.  I can't sit still in the grass.  Maybe in someone else's yard I could but not in mine.  I have to get my hands in the dirt.  I love to pull weeds.  My husband doesn't get it but that's okay.  He does stuff that I think is weird, like laugh out loud at the names of lunch meat at Wiseway ("old fashioned loaf" in case you are wondering).  I was sitting in a new spot in the yard.  We fenced in our backyard last year so now there is this whole new area that is inviting for play and reclining.  So I'm sitting under the maple tree and I notice not the weeds, but the dozens, no hundreds, maybe gazillions, of maple tree seedlings popping up all over the lawn.  I get very excited because this is just the sort of thing I can do and still "take it easy".  I plop down in the grass and begin to pluck dozens upon dozens of little baby maple trees out of the ground.  The soundtrack playing during this task is chirping birds and the squeals of delight from my children as they play in the sun and the wet.

And as I pluck a seedling out of the grass and see the little helicopter seed still attached, I have this thought.  This is how the maple tree gives birth.  I look up at that beautiful tree and see a great big wise mother and it makes me feel right at home in the grass with my hands in the dirt.

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