Monday, January 16, 2012

Must touch snow and leaves

Tulip loves nature.  She's barefoot in the grass all summer long.  If I let her, she would spend the night in the leaf pile in our front yard in the fall.  She's missing the green in winter, that's for sure.  She's the type of girl that will spot a potted plant in a room, wander over and gently place her fingers in the dirt, caress the trunk and finger the leaves.  In the dead of winter, she'll go for a nature walk with Papa and Luna and come home with pine needles, pine cones, and stray abandoned leaves.  She's a leaf lover.

This morning she asked to go play outside in the snow after breakfast.  She knocked on the patio door, while holding a big lump of snow and asked, "Mama, will you take a picture of me holding this snow."  Of course. 

Later, I was snipping some fern leaves off one of our house plants.  She wanted to help but I didn't want to take the plant down off the hook in the ceiling to bring it down to her level and I couldn't figure out how to get her high enough so she could snip.  She'll just have to settle for holding the leaves I snip off, I thought.  Turns out, that was fine because as she held those leaves, she examined them closely and got a brilliant idea.

"Mama, I can use these leaves for a craft!" she squealed with delight.  I brought her a bottle of glue, and this is what she made:

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