Sunday, April 8, 2012

To clarify

According to my husband's recent Facebook status update, "Stars Wars fever is running rampant in our house" right now.  Star Wars fever has affected only a few of the children (and one of the non-children) in my home.  And so, on this Easter morning, I announced that the Ewok Bunny had visited our front and back yards.

Yes, I meant Easter Bunny, but Ewok Bunny seemed more appropriate and exciting and no one corrected me.

When Wolfie was three, I announced the Easter Bunny had visited our front yard and Wolfie corrected me.  "It's the Easter Bird, mama.  A bird laid those eggs in our yard."  Yes, of course.  That would make sense.  So our family tradition, until this year, had been to search for eggs hidden (or laid) by the Easter Bird.  Now we have the Ewok Bunny.

Since we are on the subject of correcting, or not correcting, I would like to make a request.  Actually, a few requests.

1.  When Tulip and Luna pretend they are fishing with their fishing wands, please do not tell them that they are fishing rods.

2.  When Wolfie declares that he needs a handkershift, just let it go.  I'm so thankful that he wants to use a handkerchief, he can call it whatever he wants.

3.  When Wolfie and Tulip say "beard" or "root beard", please do not tell them it is "beer".  Really, I think "I do not drink beard" has the right effect, don't you?

4.  Finally, it is okay with me that Luna calls my breasts my "milks".  It's even better that she calls my bra my "breasts".

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