Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fairy cards smuggler

Some very special big girls gave Luna a box of fairy cards when we visited them for a weekend.  She loves these cards so much.

This is a picture of Luna, as I found her when I went to tuck her in to sleep, and she can't hide her sneaky smile as she smuggles her fairy cards to bed.

The previous two nights I found her still awake at 10:00 playing with her fairy cards in bed.  Ten minutes before this picture was taken she was reminded that the new rule is that she can't take her fairy cards to bed.

Sometimes our friends move a little too far away, but we are happy for them nonetheless.

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  1. WHat a cute pic, we have a series of random hilarity we discover at tuck in when PK is asleep. What fairy cards? Methinks I know other little bellas who might enjoy.