Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cute Factor

When my children see something they think is cute, like a baby animal or a baby, um, baby, they make these "oooooh" and "aaaaaw" sounds with such emotion it sounds as if they are crying.  If I'm in another room, my ears have to hang on to the "oooooh" sound to see if it ends with a "it's sooooo cuuuuute."  This morning, I hustled into the girls' room thinking someone had gotten injured only to find them playing with their Littlest Pet Shop animals.

Oh, and in my house it's not "cute", it's more like "key-uuuuute."  And with that cringing-crying-but-actually-not tone.  And Luna balls her fists up under her chin.  Tulip is about one step away from biting her fist over the cuteness.

Me, I just get tears in my eyes when my kids, um, babies, are doing something cute.  So I guess they get that cringing-crying-but-actually-crying thing from me.

Oh, and don't watch Toy Story 3 on a snow day when you are feeling so fortunate and so full of happy emotion to be granted an extra day to be with your children unless you don't mind cringing-crying-but-actually-crying-way-out-loud-so-you-have-to-excuse-yourself-to-the-bathroom.

Sigh.  The good kind.

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