Saturday, March 29, 2014

When Your Son Turns 9

When your son turns 9, you savor every moment he wants to sit in your lap even though he's squishing you.  And you're so proud of his book choices and the way he plays with his sisters.  And your heart melts when you hear his unabashed giggling at silly cartoons.  And you make another mark on the wall.

And you might find this list in his room on his desk:

Evil Plan to Get to School on Time
1.  eat breakfast
2.  get lunch
3.  turn off night light
4.  get dressed
5.  comb hair
6.  brush teeth
7.  wait
8.  go to school
9.  get good grades and stuff at math
10.  become brilliant and make a super weapon

And you'll probably save this list because, you know, when he turns 10 his handwriting might look different.

1 comment:

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