Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fever, continued...

This is how fevers are dealt with in our house.

Papa:  Luna, what do you want for dinner?
Luna:  Popsicle.
Papa:  Okay

Later, Gabe finds me in the bedroom and tells me that Luna had two popsicles.
Tulip appears.
Tulip:  Papa, why did Luna get two popsicles?
Papa:  Because she's sick.
Tulip:  Oh, well, I'm still a little sick too you know.
Papa:  Do you want another popsicle?

Grinning and nodding Tulip.
Giggling Papa.

Papa:  Okay, let's go get you another popsicle.

Tulip does a twinkle dance down the hall.

I smile to myself and think how happy we all can be when we are sick.

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