Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Privacy - wha dat?

Wolfie's friend came over after school today.  She's a girl.  Wolfie has two sisters and his friend has one little brother.  So everybody gets each other.  It's great.

You know how when you were little you always wanted to go to your friend's house instead of having your friend come over to your house because your friend had all the cool stuff.  And your friend thought the same thing so you would have that "I wanna go to your house" / "No, I wanna go to your house" argument.  And really, no one's stuff was any cooler, it was just different than your own stuff.

Anyway, that's not what was going on with Wolfie and his friend.  BUT.  She only has one brother so there is plenty of extra girl stuff at our house that intrigues her.  We've noticed a pattern.  She starts playing Star Wars with Wolfie on the Wii, then gradually makes her way into the girls' room to play dress-up.  Apparently we have cool different dress-up clothes.

Wolfie's friend asked if she could put on some dress-up clothes.  We reminded her, like last time, that she could try on anything and if she feels like she needs some privacy in getting dressed, to go into the bathroom.

Which she did.

Wolfie stood outside of the bathroom door and said, with very slight exasperation, "What are you doing in there?"

Gabe explained, "When a girl wants to change her clothes, and she's not your sister, she might like some privacy."


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  1. NICE! Except I want dat privacy thing sometimes.