Thursday, January 24, 2013

Got ink?

Tulip discovered the sheet of sparkly temporary tattoos she got from Oma for Christmas.  We had forgot about them, but we found them, and they are sparkly so my, oh my, was this a treasure.

She put on one tattoo.  Then another.  Then another.  Then...we'll I'm sure you know how the story goes.

She showed me her tattoos:

She asked me if I wanted one.  I saw that some of the tattoos were a little, how should I say it, dark for a five year old.  I mean, there were sparkly red roses and then there was that rose with a dagger in it.  So I figured I would take the dark tats and let Tulip tattoo me with a stabbed rose and a spider.
(No picture of me in temporary tattoos - sorry to disappoint)

Twenty minutes later she showed me all her tattoos:

You'll see she still managed to find a heart not only on fire but also encased in barbed wire.  Oh, and a snake.  I guess that her new ink, along with that lavender t-shirt sporting a graphic of a girl riding her bicycle, pulls Tulip's new biker look together.

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  1. Oh boy! Sparkles! It's hard to show restraint and save some of those sparkles for another day. I understand. BTW, I'm glad she likes the shirt!