Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My son

My son.  Here's what he's like right now:

Wolfie's giggle is so genuine and delightful.  

At exactly 5:59 this evening he said, "Well, it looks like we have 91 minutes until bedtime."

He had two chapters left in a book he's reading.  He read one before bed and then was strategizing how he could finish it in the morning.  I reminded him that tomorrow is late start Wednesday (implying that he would, in fact, have extra time in the morning) and his face lit up.  "Great!" he said, excited to have extra time to read.

We went to Key Lime Cove this weekend.  It was bananas.  I might blog about it another time but part of the kids' big treat was an arcade swipe card with 100 credits.  One card.  Three kids.  It turned out that Luna skipped the arcade so only Wolfie and Tulip had to share this card.  Without prompting from me, Wolfie turned to Tulip and said, "I know, I'll use the card to play three games, then I'll give it to and you can play three games and then you'll give it back to me and that's how we'll share it."  And that's exactly what they did. 

Finally, he made this puppet stage last week.  He just asked me if we had any boxes that he could turn into a stage.  A half hour later we were all handed "tickets" and invited into the living room.  
Ultrabot was at it again.

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