Saturday, July 13, 2013

When we chant...

Friends visited yesterday and after dinner we took a walk to our neighborhood playground and pond.  Someone was concerned about poison ivy and my husband pointed out the rhyme "Leaves of three, let it be."  Yeah, I know, that's an oldie and everyone knows it. (But in case you didn't, you're welcome)

Then during our walk along the path on the way home, Luna felt compelled to pick up some round, brown object.  I shrieked, "Why would you pick that up?! It might be some kind of poo!" She looked completely confused, probably by my reaction, I'm not that big of a poop-phobe and I usually don't shriek.  Anyway, I tried my mama logic to take advantage of this teachable moment.

"If it's on the ground, and it's brown, it is probably some kind of poo," I explained. It ended up being the casing of some sort of nut, but still.

Then my hilarious husband says, "If it's brown and on the ground, walk around."

So that was that.  Today, I overheard my kids chanting in the pool, "That's not all, that's not all, the baby's drinking alcohol!"


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