Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Talk

Well, Luna and I finally had the talk last month.  I knew the day was coming and though I thought I would dread it, it really wasn't that bad.

Luna stopped nursing.  For good.  Not just for a few days.

I practiced (or should I say my children practiced) self-weaning.  Needless to say, Luna took the longest to wean.  It got to the point when she was nearing her 4th birthday that I would ask her if there was even any milk in there.  She'd nod, all eyelashes and latched on lips, yanking my breast up and down.  She said, "The milk goes into my stomach and then there is a little hole in my stomach so the milk goes..." and then she traced a swirly pattern all over her body while making some sort of "whoowhoowhoo" noise.

Okay, then.

Sometimes she wouldn't nurse for two, three days and I would think, "This is it."  But then she'd ask for mama-milk before bed and she would assure me that there was still milk in there.

Then, one month after her 4th birthday, I realized one day that she hadn't nursed in, like, four days.  Or was it five?  She asked for mama-milk one night and I could tell.  She popped off and I said, "Let me guess.  There is no more mama-milk."  She kind of shrugged, and made some funny faces.  I started to tell her that she will always be my baby, and even if there wasn't any mama-milk she could always snuggle me, and...well, I probably babbled a bit more and I'm pretty sure Luna realized that this talk was more for me than for her because she made some more funny faces, kissed me and went too bed.

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  1. Oh my goodness, precious. And I think I just felt phantom "let down". xoxo