Monday, November 14, 2011

It's what I get for putting the phone behind my back

Luna is two and a half.  That might be all I have to say.

But there is more, tonight.

It was time to get ready for bed, which happens in the bedroom wing of our house, yet Luna was in the living room wing of the house playing the piano.  Well, I'm not going to deny her creative outlet but it was not just playing on the piano, ladies and gentlemen, she had the phone.

I've had circumstances follow my toddlers playing with our phone

I told her to give me the phone and she said...wait for it..."No."  I took the phone from her and she said, "I need that!"  Actually she kind of screamed it several times.  I decided that the best thing to do was to hide the offending item so I put it behind my back and she hollered, "No, Mama!  Don't put that phone in your butt!  Put it in there!"  as she pointed to the charger cradle.

I don't put things in my butt.  Actually, I don't usually put things behind my back either.  I usually talk and reason and all that other gentle and appropriate mother stuff.  So I guess I tried something new tonight and that's what I get.

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