Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Less Step

Tulip has entered that little girl phase where she likes to play mommy with real live babies.  You know how girls age 4 and up will glom onto toddlers or babies and try to pick them up and carry them around and as a parent you say things like, "Please put her down" for the gazillionth time because you can clearly see that the four-year old carrying the two-year old is going to end in a fall down disaster? 

Though, with sisters, it rarely does.

Tulip started "mothering" her sister recently.  She brushes Luna's teeth.  Luna seems to enjoy this and Tulip likes having both the authority ("Luna, come on.  It's time to get your teeth brushed") and the skill (she can, after all, do this entire task without any adult help).  So I'm letting that one go on.

Now Tulip has figured out the leverage of hoisting Luna out of her booster seat when they are done with a meal.

It's great.  It's a hug for Luna from her big sister.  It's trust for both.  It's care.  It's love.

Sure, it's one less step for Mama too, and it's also what growing families do.

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