Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween costumes went down like this...

Wolfie wanted to be a tornado for Halloween.  I'm always so impressed with his imagination.  I experienced technical difficulties constructing the tornado for the Halloween party we were going to Thursday night so Gabe suggested Wolfie elaborate last year's Ultrabot costume (a superhero robot that lives in Wolfie's imagination).  He totally saved Halloween.  The red bicycle helmet sparked a thought and then one idea led to another and the Eon Kid materialized in our living room.  Wolfie asked me if it was okay for him to be the Eon Kid instead of a tornado for real Halloween.  Sure, sweet boy.

Tulip wanted to be a black cat.  How simple.  Classic.  Easy going, just like Tulip.  Then we remembered we had this cheetah costume in our dress up box.  There were feathers all around the neck and wrists and when Tulip would play superhero Cheetah Girl, she would get all sweaty from chasing Ultrabot around the house and those feathers became too itchy.  Too often the costume, much to my chagrin, would come off in about 20 minutes.  So I tore off the feathers, except for the embellishment on the skirt.  I think she realized that her costume was pretty glamorous because, after wearing it to three Halloween events prior to real Halloween, I overheard her telling people that she was a cheetah ballerina.  Yes, of course.

Luna wanted to be a ducky.  Oh yes, darling little girl, you will be a ducky.  Gabe and the girls saw ducky costumes at Costco but they were for babies under two.  He then took the girls to Target and Luna picked out the cute baby blue dinosaur costume and if you don't say dinosaur with all three modifiers, Luna will be quick to correct you.

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