Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dirty Card

Well it finally happened.  My child was inadvertently exposed to "adult humor" in the greeting card aisle at the grocery store.  We stopped there to look at cards and consider one for my dad's birthday.  My parents always send the kids those singing cards so I thought it would be appropriate to send my dad a really obnoxious singing card.  Plus, those are the most fun for the kids to pick out.

You know those singing cards, right?  The new breed of singing cards feature a "jiggling" component.  I really don't know what else to call it except that inside the card, a portion of the picture is cut out and attached to some sort of vibrating mechanism.  It's silly.

Wolfie picks up a card with a squirrel.  Inside, the squirrel is holding barbells and they start jiggling while the song "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" plays.  Silly.

So the cards are all pretty benign and Wolfie and I start looking through all of them and laugh at each and I figure we are safe.

Then - BLAM - Wolfie finds the first "naughty" card.

Okay, those of you with children slightly older than my 6-year old who are smirking at me right now and thinking "oh, it's only the beginning" can just let me tell my story in exasperation, okay.

SO...this card is not nude or anything, but the picture of the lady inside is quite buxom and of course the portion of the picture that is highlighted with the jiggling mechanism is her bosom.  She's not topless, but quite ample and wearing what I would recognize as a push up bra.

Wolfie starts giggling.  "Oh, that's a funny one!" he smiles.  I need to make sure.  I say, "Yes, that one is funny too.  Why is that one funny?"

He says, "Her breasts are jiggling."

And I think...what a good boy.  He says "breasts".

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  1. I'm impressed he's already learned to say, "That's funny," when he means, "Whoa, baby!" Wisdom beyond his years.