Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet my toddler, the con-artist

We took the kids to JumpZone today.  It's actually called something else but we just call all of those inflatable jumping places JumpZone - kind of like Kleenex and Q-tips.

What's terrific about bringing a 2, 4, and 6-year old to JumpZone is that they can go play/jump by themselves.  We don't have to follow, hover, catch or shove the littlest one up the ladder.

Gabe and I got to sit together and chit-chat and delight in our kids' delight. 

Of course, every now and then the kids feel compelled to check in with us.  And I feel compelled to go sneak a peek at what they are doing. 

So I caught Luna doing this:
She was about to climb onto an inflated dolphin.  Another girl, maybe 4 years old, got to it before she did and in her enthusiasm to jump on the dolphin's back, this girl bumped Luna on the cheekbone.  Not too hard.  Hard enough for Luna's hand to go to her cheek, but she wasn't hurt.  HOWEVER, the girl didn't apologize and that's okay because she probably didn't know she bumped a littler girl BUT she also got to be on the dolphin. 

Luna fake cried. 

I know it was fake because it took her too long to decide to cry about her cheek.  AND, once the girl got off the dolphin (which was immediately, because you know, when you're four who wants to hang out next to a crying 2-year old), Luna hopped on smiling.  Smiling!  How has she learned this?!  Oh, she has a four-year old sister and a six-year old brother and probably does this to them all the time.  The girl knows how to get her way.

Well, that does it, I'm officially unconcerned that Luna will be able to make it in life.

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