Sunday, October 16, 2011

my sweet heart

Wolfie and Tulip were holding hands.  He said to Tulip, "Your skin feels like Emily's* skin."
I asked Wolfie, "How do you know how Emily's skin feels?  Were you holding hands with her?"
He said, "Yes.  We were holding hands in the hall."

Just to be sure, I asked, "Did the teacher tell everyone to hold hands with a partner or did you and Emily just want to hold hands?"

He said, "We were just holding hands while walking together."

Oh my sweet heart.

*Emily is not her real name ;)
edited on 10-16-11 to add
** It's also actually not Emily, another girl in Wolfie's class who he has befriended recently.  He told me this after I wrote this blog.  That complicates matters further; I'm not going to re-assign the girl in the story another fictitious name, though.