Friday, October 14, 2011

Entertaining our guests

I started a new childbirth class tonight and it was pretty awesome.  I didn't realize how excited I was until my husband pointed it out while we were having one of those conversations where the topic is actually a bit mundane but the tone of the conversation is pretty amped up.

The kids were excited too.  It was infectious.  One of the couples showed up at 5 minutes before 6:00, mistakenly, as the class was to start at 6:30.  They were actually a bit relieved because that meant they had time to go get some dinner.

Then the kids were in full "entertaining" mode.  Wolfie ran to the kitchen and started opening the pantry and the "snack drawer" simultaneously announcing that he wanted to help serve snacks and asking if we were serving any snacks.  I had to wait for a break in his mania to remind him that our guests left to go eat dinner and they would be back in a half-hour so we didn't need to serve any snacks.

When the doorbell rang again, 30 minutes later, Tulip squealed, "Our customers are here!"  Customers?  Oh, that made me laugh out loud.

And then Luna had to make an appearance or two or three during class to pretend cook, pretend be a dog and pretend be a teacher.  We've been doing a lot with flashcards lately, with all three kids, so she was flipping through my class binder.  She would ask what a page was about, I'd tell her, she'd repeat it.  It went something like this.

Luna:  What's this say, Mama?
Mama:  Folic Acid
Luna:  Folic Acid?  (she's really into inflection too)
Luna:  What's this say, Mama?
Mama: The importance of drinking water.
Luna:  Drinking water?
Luna:  What's this say, Mama?
Mama:  Breastfeeding
Luna:  Breastfeeding?
Luna:  What's this say, Mama?
Mama:  Natural Alignment Plateau
Luna:  ..........................................................

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