Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Done This

I've used the remote control for the baby's electric song-playing, twirling mobile so I wouldn't have to get off the couch.

A few points to clarify:
1) I'm not a typical couch potato.
2) Someone gave us this mobile as a shower gift when I was first pregnant with Wolfie.  You know how you used everything anyone ever gave you for that first baby?  I mean, if I had been given the electric wipes warmer I would have used that too before I learned better.
3) The mobile played for 15 solid minutes.
4) Baby Wolfie loved it.
5) In our small four-room condo, from the couch, I had just enough of a line of fire into the nursery to be able to activate the mobile via remote.
6) I only used the remote one time per session - after the first 15 minutes in order to activate the second round of 15 minutes.
7) This technique allowed for me to be interrupted only once during a 30 minute nap.
8) Please, please, re-read #7.

What toy, gizmo, novelty do you ashamedly admit to owning and using?

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