Sunday, October 23, 2011

My little pumpkins

Today was a good day.  A great day.  One of those perfect family days that makes you wonder "How did today become such a great day?" and then you realize that five good happy people that make up a good happy family will just happen upon a great day.  Again and again.

I might also be a little high off of my date last night.  Gabe and I hired a babysitter and had dinner with another couple who found a babysitter for their kids.  We've done this never.  It was awesome.
But today.  Today was great.  We went to Merrie Acres, a darling family-owned pumpkin patch farm in LaPorte, IN.  It was perfect.  There were a few giant inflatables, a barrel train, a tractor hay ride, a kiddie playground area which included some teeter-totters, and, get this, a bunch of corn boxes.  The corn box was amazingly cool and the attraction my children gravitated toward for most of the day.  It was soft, very interesting.  Like I said, we hung out there a lot.  Oh, and what do you call those things where your kids stick their face in the cut-outs?  It's driving me nuts.  The one above is pretty cute though, huh?  Tulip is wearing her vampire teeth, her prize for watching the pig race.  So there was that too.

Best of all Merrie Farm was the perfect size - a lot to do if you are 2 to 6, yet small enough to run off and do it while Mama and Papa sit in a rocking bench feeling good about their date last night.

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