Thursday, October 20, 2011

I don't get out much

My husband, Gabe, is a stay at home dad, and here's where I get to brag, so he does ALL the grocery shopping and pretty much ALL the cooking.  And he's good.  I make breakfast.  But he cooks us all a family dinner every night.

Needless to say, he has a routine which includes shopping at COSTCO on Friday afternoon with the girls while Wolfie and I are at school/work.

For whatever reason we decided to take a family trip to COSTCO tonight.  I admit, I was downright giddy.  It has been quite a while since I've been at COSTCO.

There were gloves, right at the entrance, next to the gigantic TVs.  I shoved my hands into every color.  "Ooooh, I like these gloves."  Gabe says, "Take it easy.  It's the first aisle."

The next aisle was Christmas decorations; the aisle after that, toys.  "Ooh, ooh, ooh from all of us."

We ate pizza, all five of us at one of those little tables for four.  Then we heard the screaming.  Blood.  Curdling.  Screaming.  At one of the checkouts a boy was face down on the floor screaming his lungs out.  Oh my.  My kids looked concerned.  Why would someone cry like that?  He must be hurt or really, really, really sad.  Gabe and I know what's going on.  I don't turn to look anymore, but Gabe does and then he whispers, "Oh man, they're twins."  We hear a second screaming.  It's not quite in harmony but it's close.  The parents are heading towards the "diner" because you have to pass that area to exit.  It turns out they need to get some dinner too.  The mom enters the diner area and announces, "He sad because he's not getting toys." and Gabe and I crack up.

I mean, she had the best attitude.  I would not laugh at someone else's misfortune and let me tell you, wailing 3-year old twins at a store is quite a misfortune, but she was so "whatever" about it and so was her husband.  You know, there could have been harsh words or worse.  Adults screaming type of worse.

My kids were still confused.  By now, one twin was wailing over there, one was rolling around on the floor over here.  Gabe says, "I think this one is my favorite" and he points to the twin punching the table next to us.  Wolfie and Tulip giggle.  They finally get it.  I giggle too.  I was just so giddy.  From the gloves.  From the pizza date.  From my children sharing one lemonade between the three of them and how my whole family knows how to make the best out of a Thursday night at COSTCO.  Papa's got a routine.  Luna goes in the cart.  But I'm there so she wants to shake things up.  "No, I want Mama!  Mama, I carry you."  Translation - I want you to carry me.  So I do and I whisper, "If I get to carry you, you get to smooch me."  Watch this Papa - big sloppy kisses.  Again and again and again to the soundtrack of the wailing twins.

I guess it doesn't matter if I don't get out much.  When I do I can enjoy it all with all of my family.


  1. Oh, I love costco dates! I have to drag the man from the books and magazines every time.

    and thanks to you, I want costco pizza even more now.

    or yummy frozen yogurt. mmm...costco.

  2. Oh this had be LAUGHING and then about to cry. So sweet.