Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went to a Halloween party this weekend; it was our first with kids.  So, I guess it was more about this kids than us.

But the great thing about our youngest being 2 plus is that for the first time in over six years, I don't have an infant at a get-together.  The kids run off and play with other kids.  My children are pretty friendly, like adventure, and are really good at entertaining themselves at parties.  And, better still, they are not too wild or destructive so I don't have to hover after them making sure they are not pulling anyone's hair or breaking any toys.  Luna does like to climb, though, but this other great thing happens at family events which is that everyone there is part of a family and knows what it's like so all these moms and dads have each other's backs. 

But the most delightful thing was watching Tulip make friends and play with another little girl her age.  I guess I was a four-year old girl once and behaved the same way but I don't remember those days too well and it's just so much more joyful to watch one of my own delight in being a little girl.

So here's what little girls do at a party, especially a party where everyone is dressed up.  They become the best of friends and hold hands all night.  They take turns saying to each other, "Come on..." and take each other by the hand and lead each other to different areas of the house.

They hold hands.  It's just such a dear, dear thing to witness; childhood joy and innocence and frivolity and just plain happy faces at a party.  And Tulip likes to dance.  And so did this other little girl so there was hand holding dancing.

But really the best thing is having friends who love children and family and friends and will host a party so all these moms and dads and, of course, the children can just delight in whatever suits their fancy.

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