Sunday, December 4, 2011

Secret Life of Children


I love finding evidence of what or with what my children were playing in my absence.  Toys, dress up, drawings, whatever indicates where their imaginative minds led them when I wasn't part of the game. 

This morning, I told the kids to play for a few minutes until I was ready to get out of bed. 

They did.  And they didn't interrupt me much.

When I shuffled into the kitchen, which adjoins the family room, I found this:
All the dolls that Wolfie loves most.

These dolls all live in his bed so he selected each one and placed them all on the couch and then fixed each one of them a plate of food.  Darling, right?

I'm not so good at capturing images of my children on film.  I'm working on it.  It's my goal to be a better mama-photographer.  But now I think I could do a whole thing on evidence.  I don't know.

My other favorite place to find evidence is in the play purses.  Know what I mean?  Like when I'm picking up toys and what not after the kids have gone to bed and I pick up a play purse and there's some weight to it.  Or some sort of jingly, clanky or crinkly noise comes from within.  I love to open up the play purse and see what has been placed inside.

Recently it was about 20 wooden pizza toppings from a pizza playset we have.  You have this toy too, certainly.  Or you've seen it.  Or you have it's cousin the birthday cake.

Anyway, a plush purple butterfly-shaped purse with 20 pieces of pretend pepperoni inside brightens my day...or my night spent picking up "evidence".

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  1. LOL!!! All the best for trying to become "mama-photographer"... Kids are always lovable.