Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday night activity

At some point we developed a family activity schedule for after dinner.  It's pretty simple, and often loose in the rules but it goes like this:
Monday - formerly movie night; now new books from library, homework, school activities
Tuesday - table game or craft
Wednesday - video game night
Thursday - extra long book night (each child picks 2 - that's 6 books for Mama to read)
Friday - movie night
Saturday & Sunday - anything goes

However, tonight was up for grabs.  Wolfie was busy putting finishing touches on his gifts for his teachers.  Luna was playing with a new Little Petshop toy she got from Oma and Pappy for Christmas.  Oh, and I'd like to thank the genius who decided how those toys should be packaged for my torn up scraped knuckles - sheesh.  Sooner or later Wolfie finished his project and asked to play Pacman - also a gift from Oma and Pappy and if you know anything about my family's Pacman legacy, you'll understand why this Wii game is so appropriate. 

Meanwhile Gabe was making chocolate covered bacon for me to bring to work tomorrow.  Tulip likes to watch/help Papa cook.  Or me.  Or anyone.  She likes food.  Gabe finished chocolating his bacon and had some chocolate left over so he dipped a few strawberries.  This got Tulip's attention.

"Can I make one?  Or two or three?"

She got to lick the chocolate bowl clean.  We just put it right back in the cupboard, it was so clean.  You know when you blow up a balloon and then let the air out?  You know the erratic flight pattern the balloon takes around the room?  Sigh.

Luna began playing with her Care Bear bandages.  This is one of her favorite new activities.  She got Care Bear bandages in her advent a few days ago and she's been taking them out of the box, lining them up on the couch, putting them back in the box.  This makes her extremely happy.  Bandages. This was her gift - my kids are so easy.  Now the box is missing.

"I can't find my Care Bear bandage box.  It's missing."  She says all that.  Several times a day.  So I gave her a tiny gift bag with glittery snowflakes on it.  Her face lit up but she got silent and serious, but with a grin.  You know that happy content toddler face?  Sigh. 

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