Monday, February 27, 2012

The Q-tip Effect

I have to invent a name for this particular phenomenon that happens to moms.  But wait!  First I have to invent this word:

Okay, so the phemamanon goes like this: a mama has an overriding need to care for her children, particularly in the hygienic way, that supersedes most other activities.  However, the scatterbrained, overwhelmed mama often fails to keep up on these acts of hygiene (i.e. teaching the kids to properly floss and monitoring nightly that they are doing it, clipping fingernails, clipping toenails, cleaning behind the ears, etc.)  But then the opportunity to clean or clip or scrape something off her child presents itself and WHAM!  The phemamanon happens.

It happened to me today.  I was playing hide-and-seek with all three kids.  I was hiding in the bathroom (and totally winning, by the way) and I looked over at the cabinet and saw the glass jar of Q-tips and it hit me - I should clean my kids' ears right now!

"We give up!  Where are you Mama?"

I jump out of my hiding place wielding three Q-tips.

See, it was that phemamanon.  What's it called?

(okay, maybe instead it was just a really crummy way to ruin hide-and-seek)

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