Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's not working for me

I put Tulip's hair into a ponytail with a ponytail elastic.  Her hair was too thick for me to wrap the elastic around a third time but it wasn't as secure as I would like it at only two wraps.  This is where we are at with her hair.  It's a parenting issue.  Silly, right?  To fret about, to complain about something like that?  No.  It's my mama thing today.

I read some mama advice on a blog about what to do with all that art work, all those drawings, all those crafts.  Again and again modern tech-savvy moms suggested taking digital images of every drawing your little sweeties make for you.  Then you can throw out the paper, but create a digital album of all their drawings.  Some mamas even write the date on the drawing with marker before they take a picture of it.  Write on your child's artwork?!?!  I simply can't do it.  Something about that being a art teacher sin registered with me when I was in college and if resonates even more with me now that I am a mother.

Of course, some mamas suggested just purging.  Yes!  That sounds like something that I would like.

I can't do it.

Tonight the PEZ fairy visits the kids so when I placed them on the girls' dresser, I noticed one of Tulip's creations that has been shuffling around in her room for months.  This piece of art is a sheet of computer paper with googly eyes and pom-poms glued onto it.

I picked it up.  I intended to just crumple it up and throw it away once and for all instead of just continuing to shuffle it here and there for another 5 months.

I couldn't do it.  It's so Tulip.  She went through this phase where she glued googly eyes to paper all the time.  Usually foam paper.  Googly eyes and little black buttons glued to foam paper.  I could pick off the eyes and buttons and she would reuse them.

I thought about taking a digital picture of her artwork but then I thought the digital image will just not capture the texture.  You can't caress a pom-pom on a computer screen.  You can't jiggle the paper to see the googly eyes wiggle.

I put it in a box.

Her other craft is hanging on a wire in her room.  I knocked something off the dresser and when I picked it up off the floor, I saw some dried up leaves.

I left them there.  Just for a few more days.

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