Tuesday, February 21, 2012

before I forget

I need to record this story, now, while I'm thinking about it again so I don't ever forget.

Wolfie's Valentine party in his classroom was last week.  He told me, prior to his party at school, that he wanted to give Elle* a special card.  He is very fond of her; not in a crush way, I don't think, he just thinks that she is super special.  And she is.

So Wolfie's Papa took him to Target to buy classroom Valentines.  He picked out a box of 32 Cars 2 themed cards and a box of 32 Princess themed cards.  Then he went to the actual greeting card section and picked out a card just for Elle.  I wish I had taken a picture of it now (story of my blogging-life).  The card was pretty benign, which just goes to show you how sweet and innocent the whole act was.  It was a picture of a blue monkey, holding a lollipop, and it simply said something along the lines of "Hope your Valentine's Day is super special!"

We tore all those Cars and Princess cards on their perforated lines, and stuffed them into all those little envelopes and put them all into a plastic baggie.  But Elle's card was just a bit bigger (and the envelope was much much redder) than the rest so the baggie didn't zip.  That's special.

*Elle's name has been changed ;)  I used a different pseudonym for Elle in a previous blog post and that kind of backfired on me but I think I'm going to be able to stick with Elle.

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