Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing "I've Done This"

I'd like to introduce my new weekly feature: I've Done This.  Here I will admit shameless acts of parenting assuming some of you will nod in amused agreement or shake your head in disgust.  Whichever.  The purpose of my blog posts is to be sometimes prolific but mostly hilarious, of course, but above all to be relate-able.  You see, there is irony in my blog title.  I assume that once you become a parent, there are no secrets.  Every embarrassing secret thing I do that is known to me, mama, and me only (like fart silently in public and blame it on the baby - "Oooh, someone needs a diaper change") is actually NOT a secret.  You have done it too.  Or you know someone who has or you will some day.  So let's all enjoy my weekly humble (and hilarious, of course) admissions and join in the giggles and, quite possibly, discussion.

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