Sunday, July 10, 2011


Some things are so funny you have to put them down in writing - right away!  My friend recently used the phrase "kidisms" and I like that.

Luna, 25 months and still nursing said to me as I emerged from the shower: "Mama, I see your milks."

Tulip, 4 and allowed to pee-pee in the grass behind the play house in the backyard: "Mama, I have to go poo and I won't poo in the grass.  Papa won't like that."

Wolfie, 6 and not very comfortable and I mean really, really not comfortable with the idea that his mother is a mermaid and likes to push this while eating sushi: "How about if you don't be a mermaid.  How about if you just be the most beautifullest, regular old mama."

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