Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Latest Invention

Floating upright mirror for the pool.  

This would be part of my sales pitch: "Do you have a 5 or 6 year old that delights in seeing his reflection?  Do you find him dancing, posing, and gesturing in front of not only the mirror but any reflective surface including windows, tv screens, computer screens, sunglasses...?"

A week ago we set up a pool in our backyard, just one of those 10 ft by 30 inches guys.  It's been a blast.  However, Luna makes me so anxious.  She has no fear of water.  And she's only 2.  And she's the youngest of three so she thinks she can do whatever the big kids do.

I love the pool too so I get right in there with the kids.  I mean, I have to when Luna is in the water.  She needs to be in my sight line and within reach at all times.  But I've been dealing with this phenomenon of Wolfie being so into me.  I mean he is right there, in my face, all...the...time.  At first I thought that he was giving me some major, major eye contact.  He just adores me, don't you know.  I also considered the summer vacation phenomenon where your kids think they have to play with you and you alone and command your attention every second (this is multiplied when the mother is a teacher, also home for summer vacation).

I mean, I was like, "Get out of my face!"  No, I didn't actually say that.  What kind of mother do you think I am?  But he was so in my face.

After about four days it hit me.  He wasn't adoring me.  He was adoring himself.  In the reflection of my sunglasses.  So, as Luna dipped under water for the umpteenth time (no, not really - what kind of mother do you think I am!) I thought up this invention.

Who's with me?

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  1. Phew- I thought it was only JC who stares, sings, makes faces in every single reflective surface.

    Last night?
    the produce scale at Walmart. (It was a sight to see)

    Brilliant idea- floating mirrors, soon to be found in all backyard pools.