Friday, July 15, 2011

Warrior Mama

Yesterday we were playing and swimming in the backyard and Tulip flounces over to me and says, "Mama, I heard some sort of bug buzzing near my ear but I don't know what kind of bug it was."  I just responded with something about how sometimes a bug will fly past your ear and it will sound like loud buzzing.  She grinned and turned around and there it was!  There was a wasp tangled in her hair.  That bright yellow unmistakable heebie jeebie insect writhing around in my lovely daughter's auburn tresses.  Oh the horror of getting stung by one of these creatures!  I had one shot and one shot only.  I bent my middle finger and held it with my thumb.  I was spring loaded and totally focused.  This would require extreme precision considering my target was moving - Tulip was about to lob one of her long legs over the edge of the pool and jump in.  I reached forward and...flick!  As Tulip's other leg vaulted over the edge of the pool, I picked up the scooper thingy we use to get grass out of the pool water and used the edge of it to crush the stunned wasp where it landed in the grass.  I smushed and grinded that scooper thingy until the wasp was in two pieces.  Ha!  Let that be a lesson to all wasps.  You leave my children alone!

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  1. What a warrier mama! The things you do for your kids....