Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For My Consideration

Now that I've been back at work for two weeks, there are some things...some behaviors...that I need to consider while reminding myself that I am now "working woman" and not "stay at home summer vacation mother".

For example, I must remember to shut the door when using the bathroom at work.  I hardly ever do this at home.  Also, regarding bathroom behavior, I must remember not to begin unzipping until I am within the private confines of the bathroom.  Likewise, I must remember to completely zip back up before emerging.

I have to think about what I'm going to eat for lunch, like, 6 hours before lunchtime.  I have to prepare this way, way ahead of time.  Do you realize at home this summer I ate hummus and chips for lunch 43 days in a row?

I have to wear a bra.  Every day.

And shave.

And wear a little make up and put a little effort into a hairstyle.

And wear deodorant.  (I mean, there's no masking it with a quick dip in the pool)

I can't lie down on the floor when I am tired.

I can't belch with reckless abandon even if I do say "excuse me" to teach a lesson in manners.

However, I do not have to refrain from singing, "the phone...the phone is ringing..." when my phone rings because 8th graders will chime in with, "there's an animal in trouble...there's an animal in trouble....somewhere".

And, I can be playful because 8th graders like that.

And I can laugh at mildly inappropriate but within reason jokes because 8th graders love that.

And I suppose, if I absolutely needed to lie down for 5 minutes, it would be okay.  Something tells me that a majority of my 8th graders would just lie down on the floor too because 8th graders really love that.

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