Friday, September 9, 2011

I've Done This

I, and I'm ashamed to admit, neglected to buckle in my baby after placing him in the car seat.

I only did this ONCE.  I was so frazzled leaving a family event because really what can be more frazzling to a new mom than interacting with a certain type of family member at a family event.  When we got home and I went to get the baby out of car seat, I realized that he had not been buckled in.  And we had driven on the highway.  For, like, and hour and a half.

I felt awful.  Beyond awful.  Mother fail of the year.  Of the century.  Then I allowed myself to blame my family member who put me into that state of frazzleness.  Yes, yes, I know that I and I alone am responsible for my own feelings but come on, I gotta believe that some of you out there know where I'm coming from and maybe, just maybe, did something just as awful once even though't your fault.

Whew!  That felt good.  Obviously this has been bugging me for over 6 years.

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  1. Girlfriend, you are not the only one. OH, and I've got you beat for mother of the year. I've sent my kid to school with a headache only to be told by the nurse that his fever is 103...oops