Friday, September 23, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Life

It starts with a conversation I have with myself, in my head, that goes something like, "Hey June, now would be a good time to take that second dose of eye drops."  I've had a nasty eye infection all week and I'm taking antibiotic eye drops three times a day.

So, of course, because I need a moment to myself, a moment I prefer to be uninterrupted, I notice Luna putting stickers on the wood floor while I'm en route to the bathroom.  I decide to deal with the sticker situation "real quick" and don't notice Tulip run into the bathroom.  I set Luna up at the table with paper because, "Stickers are for paper."

"Mama, I'm ready for you to wipe my butt....."

Gabe is cooking dinner.  He has two hard and fast rules while he's cooking dinner.  1) No one plays near the stove, and 2) He will not wipe a butt (unless he is the only home who can wipe a butt).

I take care of Tulip and proceed to wash my hands for longer than necessary because, darn it, I'm about to put in some eye drops.  But there is screaming.  Distress.  I mean, what is going on?  Did Luna pinch her finger in the piano lid?

Luna has a sticker on her finger and she can't get it off.  It gets stuck to her other finger.  And back and forth.  I successfully remove the sticker and place it on the paper I gave her.  I turn because, don't you know, I'm about to go put in those eye drops and Luna squeals, "No, Mama.  Don't go!"  She is so distraught over the stickers; she can't get them off the backing, she doesn't like that orange piece of construction paper I gave her.

I quickly make a grid out of post it notes.  It's genius, really.  Stick individual post it notes on the table.  Stick stickers on the post it notes.  Re-stick the post it notes on the construction paper or just on other surfaces.  Stickers on stickers that can stick and stick again.  Luna is completely satisfied.

I am putting in eye drops.  I hear Wolfie and Tulip playing some game in his room where they take turns spinning on a chair.

"After you, My Damn."

"After you, My Handsome."

I giggle with my eyes and squeeze out the eye drops.  Ineffective.  I put in two more drops.

Luna announces, "Hey guys.  Here I am!'

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  1. Joe hates to wipe butts, too. What's with that?!