Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I just used the dictionary

Can't put much of a story together tonight but I would like to share this:

1.  These are paper dolls Tulip made of me and my husband, Gabe.  They are supposed to be from the day we got married - a fairy tale filled with wonder, I'm sure, in Tulip's fantastic imagination.
These renditions are terrific because this particular paper doll set comes with over a dozen dolls of various skin tones and about 300 clothing pieces and accessories.  And, in case you didn't know, Tulip's Papa has a thing for purple shirts.  She must imagine that he wore a purple shirt at our magical wedding.  Of course.

2.  I did use the dictionary tonight.  I was commenting on a friend's FB post and needed to write "margarine".  Yup.  Didn't know how to spell it because I can't think of any other occasion in my life where I needed to spell "margarine".  I try my best to avoid reading the word "margarine".  I love using my dictionary.  It's so...old school.  So renaissance.  (I do know how to spell that - ha!)

3.  I'm happy to announce that since I have started my career as a blogger this summer, I have posted 50 little bitties.  (according to Blogger spell check, "bitties" is not a word but I am making it one)

4.  This is what my husband and I actually looked like on our wedding day.  Compare the hair of the paper dolls with reality.

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