Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm hiding from my daughter.

Luna has got it in for me tonight.

Monday night is movie night but we got a late start on movie night so it's just "episode" night.  Wolfie wants to watch the next episode of Eon Kid (gotta love Netflix) but Tulip doesn't want to watch it.  Some new scary characters were introduced recently.  She wants to watch The Secrets of the Furious Five - it's 24 minutes long.  Perfect.  Wolfie gets to watch his episode on the computer; the girls settled in front of the tv for Kung Fu Panda.

The big kids know the routine and don't give us any grief.  Pajamas, good-night milk, brush teeth, pee, hugs, kisses, go to bed.  What!?!?!  You're a teacher and an excellent mother; don't you read any books to your children before bed?  YES.  Every single night except movie night.

The big kids go to bed.  Luna is sitting on the bathroom floor for some reason.  Oh wait, the reason is that she's 2.  She tells me she wants to watch Eon Kid.  Oh, poor Luna.  Sometimes we make decisions too fast around her and she's smart enough to know what's going on while she doesn't know what's going on.  You know?

I tell her that she can watch Eon Kid tomorrow after breakfast.  Apparently this is one of Papa's new perks in the morning while getting ready for school.

Luna is thoughtful for 10 seconds and then says...."I want breakfast."

This is hysterical and a complete conflict at the same time.  I try to get her into bed and she tells me at least four more times that she wants breakfast.  I go to Gabe.  I tell him where her head is at.  I am part of a cycle of wants that she can't break right now.  I tell him that he has to rewire her little brain.

He tells me, "Take your wine.  Go in our room.  Close the door - she won't go in there; she'll come out her and I'll put her back to bed." 

I love teamwork.

And wine.

And two-year olds but not necessarily in that order.

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