Thursday, August 4, 2011

bfing is awesome

I am a breastfeeding mama and so proud of it.  Not that I think I am a better mama than those who do not breastfeed, I am just, literally, proud of myself for doing it.

I am still nursing Luna at 26 months which means that I have breastfed my children for a total of 60 months of my life; that's 5 years (and counting)...

This is why breastfeeding is awesome (for me, at least, and in my opinion):

The Bond
Oh, who knew.  The first time I breastfed a child it was overwhelming.  In a good way.  No, in an awesome way.  Yes, the hormones are largely to credit for this but there are so many other factors.  Wolfie's sweet little fluttering eyelashes.  The sound of contently suckling.  Knowing that I was meeting my newborn's three simple needs: "They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breatfeeding satisfies all three." Grantly Dick-Reed

The Accomplishment
Breastfeeding a baby makes me feel like a super hero.  It's as simple as that.  I have a super power - my body makes milk.

The Coolness Factor
It is simply cool to breastfeed a baby.  Anytime, anyplace.  My breasts could have been used to sell beer or cars but instead I chose to use them to provide food for my children.  How cool is that?

Okay, here's where the childbirth educator in me comes out.  There are so many awesome benefits to feeding your baby your breast milk.  First, you are making exactly the right food for your baby no matter what age/developmental stage/need.  Your body adapts to the baby's dietary needs.  Awesome, right?  Second, let's say Luna is getting sick.  She's getting a cold.  Her body produces antigens which are present in her saliva.  She nurses and those antigens enter my bloodstream via my porous skin.  My body immediately begins to make antibodies for the breast milk so the next time Luna nurses she will receive antibodies.  That's right - in addition to the super power of making milk, I also make medicine.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!  I am one privileged mama to have (and still) experienced this wonderful gift and bond with my children.


  1. Breastfeeding is working out for me the second time around and I couldn't be happier!!!!! I am a proud breastfeeding mama!

  2. SO COOL to learn about the antigen dealio. HAD. NO. IDEA. Love bfing anyway so there is more power to it.