Saturday, August 6, 2011


The first time Wolfie played soccer was the spring co-ed soccer league when he was four, Tulip was almost two and Luna was still in my belly.  We were a tight little bundle of a family.  Even though Luna had emerged by the time all the soccer families reunited after summer vacation for the back-to-school soccer season, she was still tightly strapped to me in a baby wrap and Tulip was pretty content to share my lap with her.  Same tight bundle of a family of five.

Today was our 6th soccer season and I'm proud to announce we have two soccer players in the family.  Tulip's first game was at 9:00 this morning and she was awesome.  This was a first for her...and for us, her parents.  And in the traditions of firsts, I noticed a few more.

1.  Wolfie went over to the playground by himself
2.  Tulip was running and kicking a soccer ball.  In an actual soccer game.  I mean, she was wearing official shin guards.
3.  Luna initiated a game of catch with another younger sibling and this was a first because she was doing this in underpants

My tight little bundle of a family has gotten looser over the past six seasons.  Exercising their growing independence and it  I can't come right out and say if felt good because I want them to orbit me.  But, it was very bittersweet that my four year old soccer player is no longer my first born son, who is now so big he can go over to the playground by himself.  (He came back pretty soon after - I think the adventure for him was the actual going over there by himself).  Bittersweet, too, that my new four year old soccer player is Tulip.  She's four!  And just jumped right into the soccer game without looking back for reassurance!  She looked back with that happy proud I'm-waving-at-you-wave-back-at-me smile, though.  Bittersweet that my baby is less and less of a baby in her big girl underpants and her ever increasing vocabulary. "I play catch that girl."  "I want to go to castle too."

So it was a good morning.  It was a morning that made me really feel like a parent.  And I guess that does feel really good.  Okay?

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