Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Naked Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tues....

There is NO nudity in this film.

I shot this quick little film when I saw Luna chasing a butterfly.  We had just returned from the Central Park Plaza splash pad.  While this video captures Luna delighting in the butterfly, you can clearly hear Tulip ask if she can be naked.  Luna followed suit and got "nakin" once inside.  Yes, my children enjoy being naked.  With all the swimming and bathing and general heat of summer, who can blame them for skipping that extra step of getting dressed once getting undressed.

At my house, you will commonly overhear my husband and I say things such as:
"It's time for dinner - put on some underpants."
"Put some clothes on if you are playing in the front yard."  I mean, we have some parameters.

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