Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day

Today was Wolfie's first day of first grade.  That means he got on the bus this morning and stayed at school ALL DAY.

Today was my first day of work with students.  That means I went to work, attended a meeting, greeted students in the hall as they arrived, helped a few kids open their lockers, then had a break because I have prep time for the first two periods.  It happens that I "forgot" something really important at home, so I was able to scoot home real quick.  It's a 7 minute drive from my driveway to the parking lot and vice versa.

Guess what was going on when I pulled up in my driveway?  Gabe and the girls were getting ready to see Wolfie off on his first day of school.  What luck!  And he gets home after I do so I'll be able to greet him as he gets off the bus every day.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful that you got to see him off AND you'll be there when he gets off. Just perfect!
    We were wondering how Mr. Wolfie's first day went!